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Nolting Manufacturing
1105 Hawkeye Dr.
Hiawatha, Iowa 52233

P: (319) 378-0999
F: (319) 378-1026

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Please call us if you cannot find the part you need. We carry or make all the parts for every Nolting.

Wheel Grooved
White wheel with groove. Rides on blade style track. Price per wheel.
Canvas leaders for 14' table
18" wide, hemmed. Price per each.
Plastic pattern cover replacement 14'
13" wide, fits 14' table.
Plastic pattern cover replacements 12'
13" wide, for 12' table.
Shipping Box
We insist on using our box when shipping any head back to the factory for repair or retro-fit. Let us know what size machine you want to ship so we can be sure to send the best size box for your need
Light Switch
Light-on switch. Must be carefully soldered on.
Fluorescent Light Bulb
Fluorescent Light Bulb.
On/Off Switch
Please indicate if you have Intellistitch or standard speed controled machine.
Customized Hopping Foot
We can alter our round foot for you. Call Gordon with your ideas.
Canvas leaders for 12' frame
18" wide, hemmed. Price per each. Note... We can make leaders for other length tables. Please ask.
Ruler Foot or Round Foot
Perfectly round half inch foot for working with rulers. It is one quarter of an inch from the needle. This is a heavy duty foot made to rub against rulers and templates.
Wheel Nolting Commercial
This wheel is used with the current style Nolting commercial frame where the wheels are inside the covered track. Price per wheel.
Pigtail or Thread Eyelet
This it the little thread guide that looks like a pig's tail.
Needle Bar Thread Guide
This is the thread guide just above the needle. The needle screw goes through it to tighten the needle. They break if you try to bend them out. Thread wears them out. You should always have a spare.
Motor Brushes for Leeson
Pair of brushes for the Leeson motors. [call us while at your machine if you are unsure] If you are in business these should be changed once a year.
Dead Bar Brackets
Dead bar brackets allow you the option to add a second bar inside the throat of your machine. Use your batting roller or quilt top roller on most Nolting commercial frames
Rubber O-ring for encoder
Rubber O-ring for encoder wheel. These can crack in dry weather. Good idea to have a spare.
Wheel Nolting Commercial
This wheel is used with the current style Nolting commercial frame where the wheels are inside the covered track. Price per wheel.
Canvas Leader for Hinterberg frame
Three piece Hemmed leader set. Two 12" and one 24" by length. Please indicate your frame length.
Hi Viz Hopping Foot
Slim foot for great visibility and easy to thread. 1/4" from the needle on all sides. For pre 2000 machines we will need detailed tracing of your current foot for proper fit. Not a ruler foot.
Traditional hopping foot
Slant back hopping foot. Easy to thread needle.
Double Capacity Bobbin Case
Large (M) bobbin case with anti backlash spring.
Regular bobbin case
Regular (L) size bobbin case with anti-backlash spring.
Large Metal Bobbins
Double capacity (M) size bobbins.
Metal Bobbins
Regular (L) size bobbins. Used in the Hobby, Fun, MAQ and many of our commercial machines.
Binding attachment
Used on straight stitch machines. Comes with feeder, feed dogs, D shape throat plate, and fasteners. 1", 1.5"/ 1 3/4", 2" widths available.
Cusion handle grip set
Set of four grips.
Laser Light
New focusable lense/dot laser.
New Motor
Leeson 90 volt DC external brush motor. This is the motor for commercial machines built before mid 2005 or the Fun and Hobby Quilter.
Regular rotary hook
Regular (L) size rotary hook.
Double Capacity Rotary Hook
Large (M) size rotary hook.
Throat plate
D shape throat plate. Replacement when yours gets a burr.
Tension control complete
Disc tension control. Also known as Tension Assembly. Shown at left in picture.
Tension Spring
Tension spring replacement for the tension assembly. Picture shows spring on right, also installed in tension device. Good idea to have a spare.
Needle bar thread guide screw
Wide head screw for holding in the needle. Good idea to have one or two in your spare parts stash. Shown at right in picture.
Needle bar thread guide
Needle bar thread guide. Picture shows on left. Center is on the needle bar with needle screw and needle in place. Good idea to have a spare.
Fabric roller bearing
Pillow block bearing for the fabric rollers on our wood tables.
Plastic thread cone holder
Plastic thread cone holder.
Rear thread guide
Shepards hook shaped rear thread guide.
Wheel for Hinterberg Stretch
This wheel is used on Nolting machines like the Fun Quilter that ride on the Hinterberg Stretch frame lower carriage. Price per each.

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Nolting Quilting Machines is the originator of the longarm quilting machine. Nolting offers new longarm quilting machines for professional quilters and quilters who quilt as a hobby. We also accept Gammill, APQS, Tin Lizzie, Innova, Voyager 17, A-1, Design a Quilt, Nustyle, New Joy, Prodigy and HandiQuilter machines for trade-in. We also sell used Gammill, APQS, Tin Lizzie, Innova, Voyager 17, A-1, Design a Quilt, Nustyle,
New Joy, Prodigy and HandiQuilter machines.

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