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Used Machines

All Nolting brand factory refurbished machines can come as a complete system or just the machine. Complete commercial hand guided systems (Nolting machine and commercial frame) include the clamps, bobbin winder, bobbins, needles, pointer, stylus, 5 patterns, oil, batting roller, warranty and more. Refurbished Nolting machines come with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects. Other brands do not carry the same warranty.

Refurbished machines are very popular. All refurbished machines are available at time of listing, but are subject to prior sale. So act quickly.

We accept used Nolting, Gammill, A1, APQS, KenQuilt, Tin Lizzie, HandiQuilter, Bailey's, Penny Winkle and other popular longarm and shortarm machines in trade toward your purchase of a new or refurbished Nolting Longarm Quilting Machine. Machines should be in good operating order. We also purchase longarm and shortarm machines and frames for refurbishing and resale. Contact us to find out more.

6' Commercial Frame
Used commercial frame that can quilt up to 54" wide quilt. Great for snowbirds or the cabin or the show booth.
Viking Mega Quilter
Comes with Quilters Cruise Control and Inspira frame. 9" reach. Trade in on a bigger Fun Quilter system.
Homesteader stretched machine
This one has the speed dial and 16" reach. Put it on your frame or get one from us.
Mid Arm Quilter 14" (MAQ 14) used
14" x 8" hobby machine. It sits on almost every frame. Standard speed control. Same handles and sewing mechanism as the larger machines. Purple. Traded in for one of our larger systems.
Tin Lizzie 18 - 8
Stitch regulated with 10' frame. We get these traded in all the time toward our great Nolting Longarms. Age and decals vary. Call for details and specifics of which are available.
Hobby Quilter
16" Hobby Quilter built new in 2005. Standard speed control. Put it on your frame or get a frame from us.
Nolting 16 commercial
Standard speed control machine with L bobbin and wood top commercial frame. Comes with the accessories and warranty. Ask us about getting it to your place.
Voyager 17
Traded in for one of our great Nolting machines. This Voyager 17 has been refurbished, stitch length regulator and USED Stretch frame. Usual paint crack at splice point. Sews like a new one.
2006 Fun Quilter 17" w/ Equalizer
Traded for a new PRO 24". This is a nice machine. Put it on your frame or get one from us.
16" commercial Nolting w/stitch regulator
1990's 16 x 8 commercial longarm with Equalizer stitch regulator and full length wood top steel leg commercial frame.
18" Nolting commercial longarm
18x8 with IS2K stitch regulator. Comes with commercial frame [not pictured], laser, patterns, winder and accessories. Call for details.
Tin Lizzie with computer and frame
18-8 stitch regulated with 12' Phoenix metal frame and the Shirley Stitcher computer system. Traded for a great Pro and Quiltmagine.
A1 Elite 923
2008 23" x 9" throat with stitch regulator, adjustable handles and 12' metal A1 frame with hydraulics and batting access. Traded for a beautiful Nolting NV.
24 Pro
24" Pro with L bobbin and used commercial frame with all the usual accessories. Call us for more details.
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