Natural Disasters

Our hearts and prayers go out to all the disaster victims. All of us wish we could do more.
As a reminder to you or people you know, Nolting can help with your longarm. The techs here at Nolting can repair longarms that have been flooded, weather damaged, been dropped or fallen, hit by cars [not kidding it’s happened 5 times] affected by lightening or power surges, smoke damage or just about anything. About the only time we haven’t been able to save them is direct contact with fire.
If you have a longarm from a company that is no longer in business and it needs remediation, check with us. We can usually help.
Insurance often covers the repairs. If not, don’t worry, we will still help. There is always a way.
Everyone at Nolting feels strongly about helping people. Although this seems small we hope we can assist in some way.

YouTube channel

We are building a library of short helpful videos on You Tube. Check them out. If you don’t see what you are looking for email us your suggestions. We will try to make the videos you need.