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Pantograph Patterns for every style.

Made in Iowa

KCRG TV9 stopped by the Nolting factory in Hiawatha Iowa and did a nice story about the manufacturing process for their Made in Iowa series.

Bobbin Winder and Bobbin Case

Video of threading and using the Nolting bobbin winder and bobbin case

Help Changing Your Foot

Threading your Nolting Longarm

Video of the standard way to thread your Nolting Longarm.

Hook Timing

This is a video of Rick explaining hook timing to a Nolting owner. The techs here at Nolting like to educate anyone willing to learn to service their machine.

Timing the hook on your Nolting

Here is a short YouTube video on how to set the mechanical timing on your Nolting longarm.

Kelly Kreft Tutorials

Kelly shows you some great techniques.

Intelliquilter on Pro

INTELLIQUILTER How to Set Up & Stitch CC on DWR

Intelliquilter CC

INTELLIQUILTER - How to set up line pattern cc faster on DWR

Intelliquilter transfer

INTELLIQUILTER How to Transfer designs from PC (Vista) to IQ

Intelliquilter realign

INTELLIQUILTER How to Use Realign Feature


Information and instructions on Intellistitch products.

Longarm University

Cindy Roth
Longarm University
Innovations - a Machine Quilting Conference

MQX Machine Quilters Expo

Machine Quilters Expo

Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor quilt challange.

Bear Paw Quilting

The Quilter Magazine Online

Quilt-Town USA

Fabric Trends Magazine Online