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Message From the Owner

Happy Holidays,

The week between the holidays is always a popular time for Nolting employees to take their much needed vacations. We will be open but with a very limited amount of staff. As always we will help you any way we can. If you plan to visit to look at machines or need a repair please call ahead. We want to be sure to be available to help.
We plan to be closed the 24th, 25th, 31st and 1st. So open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with limited hours. Plan for 9:00 to 3:00 each of the three days.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hello Friends, We have a lot of Nolting owners in the storm torn areas of the country. We are thinking of you and want to help. I want to offer what help we can offer. If you have sustained damage and part of that damage is to your Nolting longarm, let us know. We can repair it. Unfortunately we have experience in repairing machines that have been in floods, fires, been hit by lightening or other acts of nature. If your insurance covers the repair, great. If it doesn't talk with us. We can and will help you. Depending on your needs we can store the machine for you if needed. Call us. We want to help. Dan Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends,
We are wrapping up a great Spring show season. Thanks for considering a Nolting longarm. I love to see everyone and look forward to seeing you again at future shows. I really like all the great questions we get. One great question we often get is about Price.

Why is brand X less than a Nolting?

I want to try to explain the difference between price and cost. The price of anything is paid one time. It is important one time. The price is important the minute you purchase an item. Once the purchase is complete the price no longer matters. The transaction is complete and everyone moves forward.
The cost of owning is what really matters. The cost of a owning a longarm is calculated this way. The price less the parts, labor and shipping for repairs less the end value of the machine [trade or sale].
This can be hard to follow but let me try some examples from my personal experience buying, selling and trading longarms for the last 14 years.
A machine sells for $8000. It never really works quite right. Two years later after several trips back and forth to the repair shop costing you $600 the frustration reaches its peak and you finally break down and sell it vowing never to quilt again. Your lucky and sell it for $4000 for the full system. What was the cost? $2300 per year.
I will give another common example from my experience. The system costs $3999. Sounds great. Unable to quilt one quilt to your reasonable satisfaction after 12 months and four trips to the company you contact Nolting and inquire about the machine you really wanted in the first place. We make you the best deal we can with your trade. Knowing that we can only sell your system used and refurbished for $1000 we offer $500. We spend most of the difference trying to make it work properly before we eventually find the right customer for your old system. This happens every week at Nolting. We have a large inventory of these types of traded in machines. In the end the cost to own this "affordable" system was $3500 per year. Ouch!
Quilting can be an expensive hobby but that is ridiculous.

Now let me give you a typical example of the cost of owning a Nolting.
A 16" commercial Nolting bought 20 years ago for $2995 makes 500 quilts per year [2 per day Monday through Friday 50 weeks per year] Electric motors are a consumable item like tires on your car. They are rated for an average number of miles or in this case quilts. She changed three motors in 20 years with an average cost of $120. She traded it in for a larger Nolting. We allowed her $2000 in trade. What was her cost? $2995 original price + $360 for the motors - $2000 trade = $67.75 per year. As you can see the cost of owning a Nolting longarm can be much lower than the cost of owning one of the white or grey "affordable" longarms.
Just for fun lets calculate how many quilts these machines helped their owners to quilt. On that 16 " Commercial Nolting she did at least 500 quilts per year x 20 years x you pick a price = much more than the original price of the machine. What did the "affordable machines do?
Here is another recent example. Pam has had her 24" Nolting commercial machine for over 20 years. She just finished her 6000th quilt. She does this on the side because she also has a "real" job 40 hours per week. 6000 quilts x her $150 average charge = $900,000. I doubt I need to explain that the cost of her machine is less than $900,000 over those 20 years.
These are just two of the thousands of real Nolting owners.

Please use this information when you are trying to make that very challenging decision of which longarm to buy. Remember there is a difference in price and cost. Which is important to you?

Thanks to everyone that ordered a Nolting Longarm. We care about you and want you to be happy. We want you to be successful. And we want you to tell your friends. As you know we will always help you any way we can.

Dan Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends,
The Open House was a lot of fun again this year. We spread it out more with the food outside under a tent in the shade. I think it made much more room for everyone to enjoy. We had a lot of nice quilts you sent in. The visitors cast votes for their favorite. Third favorite went to Debbie Wendt. Second favorite went to Debbie Wendt. First favorite of the visitors went to Pam Wallace.
Door Prize winners were Linda Evers, Lois Morris and Barb Eding. Thanks to everyone who attended. If you missed it this year you can pencil in Saturday July 19, 2014. If you would like to enter a wall sized quilt we plan to base the theme on something to do with Iowa. Whatever makes you think of Iowa. Enjoy, Dan Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends, We have a lot of Nolting owners in the storm torn areas of the country. We are thinking of you and want to help. I want to offer what help we can offer. If you have sustained damage and part of that damage is to your Nolting longarm, let us know. We can repair it. Unfortunately we have experience in repairing machines that have been in floods, fires, been hit by lightening or other acts of nature. If your insurance covers the repair, great. If it doesn't talk with us. We can and will help you. Depending on your needs we can store the machine for you if needed. Call us. We want to help. Dan Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends, Nolting will hold our annual OPEN HOUSE from 10:00 to 3:00 on Saturday July 20, 2013. If you have been to our past open houses you know it can be crazy. We will have food and beverages. You can enter to win great door prizes. We are looking for small red, white and blue quilts to hang and show. We will have prizes based on visitors voting for their favorite quilts. Sales on thread, notions, batting, parts and accessories. We will also offer our show special on machines sold that day. Come eat, shop and have a good time. Tell two friends and bring another. Dan Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends,
I just spent a fun three days at the Minnesota Quilters show with our dealers Jerry and Mary Anne Hansen, our friend and teacher Bev Sievers, and her friend Jolene. It was a great show and we saw many Nolting owners, which is always great.
Something Bev told a new Nolting owner struck me as an important way of thinking that I wanted to share. The customer had not yet taken her class that was included with their purchase. The new owner was concerned that her machine wouldn't do ______ and it wouldn't do _______. Bev replied to her "Yes it will. You have to make it. And when you take my class I will teach you how."
I am not sure why but it really struck me as to how important it is to think this way. I often compare our machines to automobiles. In this case, I thought of my car. My car did not want to take me to my destination; I made it do that. It wouldn't do it on its own. I had to start it, steer it, apply thoughtful amounts of brake and accelerator. For that matter I had to properly maintain my car so it would perform the task I required. In this way, the longarm is the same. Selecting the proper settings, proper thread and threading, appropriate amounts of tension top and bottom, my practiced movement of the machine, and every other input to make the longarm do what I want. This takes knowledge and experience. Classes, and more importantly practice, are the best path to knowledge and experience.
All machines are the same. They are tools we use to get the end result we desire. Even with the proper high quality tool we still have to make it do what we want. Longarm quilting machines have come a long way in the last 30 years. Quilters are doing things with longarms that are beyond the dreams of the early adaptors. Our attitude and approach should be positive. Yes, my machine can do that and I am going to find the way to make it.

It was great to see all the Nolting owners at the show, and I want to welcome the new owners. We appreciate you and we will help you any way we can.

Thank You
Dan Terrill

Hello Friends,
We will be having our annual OPEN HOUSE.
July 21, 2012 from 10:00 - 2:00
1105 Hawkeye Drive
Hiawatha, IA 52233
Discounts on notions, thread, batting, patterns, hand quilting and accessories
Door Prizes [2x $300 store credit]
New and refurbished machines and frames.
Food and beverages.

Tell your friends.

Hello Friends, The Nolting factory will be closed from July 1 to July 8, 2012 to celebrate the Fourth of July and do some routine maintenece. Many of our great Nolting team plan vacations this week. We will have reduced staff in the office open part time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Please make an appointment if you plan to visit during this time. We want to be available for you but need to know ahead of time. We will be back to full production the following week.

Hello Friends, I get asked one question regularly. "I'm looking for a used Nolting and can hardly find one. Why do I see so many used other brand machines for sale and rarely a Nolting?" In my experience I have found many reasons. Number one is the quality. To my knowledge no Nolting has ever been worn out. "But don't most Nolting machines get used for business?" Yes, that makes it even more interesting. Knowing that even business operators using the Nolting machines every day cannot wear one out is quite a compliment to the quality of our great machines. Another reason is that any used Nolting for sale gets snapped up fast. "Come on, you have been making longarm quilting machines for almost 30 years. Wouldn't you think there would be more available in the classifieds?" Feedback from customers tells us that there is really few reasons to sell a Nolting. Nolting owners happily quilt as much as they want. Most Nolting machines can be upgraded with new options and accessories. The machines are easy to use and do a great job. They are easy to maintain. If you look closely at the used machines for sale by owner you can find the real message. People are not getting what they really wanted when they purchased these machines. Nolting owners do not find themselves in this uncomfortable position because Nolting owners get a custom built system exactly the way they want it. Talk to a Nolting representative about what you want. You will get it.

Hello Friends, April begins the Spring show season. Nolting machines will be on display at shows around the world. See a detailed list on the show page. Please come to our booths where you can see and try the machines. We love to educate and help with your research. You can ask any question you have. We either know the answer or will get the answer for you. If you already own a Nolting, Thank You, please say hi. It is always good to see you again. There might even be something in the booth you haven't seen before.

Hello Friends,
Nolting Longarm will be hosting an open house on Saturday July 23, 2011. We will have a small quilt contest that visitors will vote for the winners. We will have a rare sale on [new and used] machines, frames, Hinterberg hoops and hand frames, notions, thread, batting and who knows what else. We will have factory tours, refreshments and could offer a maintenance class if enough people were interested. We are adding more fun ideas all the time. Plan on stopping by.

Hello Friends, Big news! Nolting Manufacturing Inc. has purchased the assets of Hinterberg Design Inc. This exciting new combination will create one of the world’s largest supplier of quilting machines, frames and notions.
In business since 1984 Nolting is credited with inventing the modern longarm quilting machine and continuing to be the innovator in the industry.
Hinterberg Design has been in business since 1981 and built their reputation by designing and manufacturing high quality hardwood hand quilting hoops and frames. More recently, they have become the leading designer of machine quilting frames, furniture and economical quilting machines.
Daniel Terrill President of Nolting Mfg., Inc says "Both companies are highly regarded for making great products and providing excellent service at very competitive prices. By adding the Hinterberg product line, we are able to offer quilters from around the world the widest range of innovative products and services from a single source.”
Nolting Longarms and Hinterberg Quilt Frames will be available from our offices and showrooms at 1105 Hawkeye Drive in Hiawatha, Iowa 52233. You can learn more at or

Hello Friends, We have made a small change to our commercial frames. We have changed the finish on the frame and track. The powder coated finish is a process where a dry powder is spayed onto the metal part. Then the part is baked in an oven that melts the powder adhearing it to the part. We have not changed color or texture. The track material is also powder coated with a gloss black finish. The goal is a cleaner wheel path and less opportunity to chip the paint. We have also changed to a new composite table top. The goal here is a flatter surface. I think we have achieved both goals. We are always trying to improve the quality of Nolting products. This is another example of that ongoing process. Thank You, Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting.

Hello Friends, Many people are asking if we have refurbished machines. The answer is yes. We have tried hard this year to make favorable trades so we could offer a good selection of used machines at a nice savings. Used machines can provide the opportunity to get a larger machine at a small machine price. If you are interested in a used machine, let us know. We can usually find a great system that will meet your budget. Thank You, Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting.

Hello Friends,
I wanted to congradulate all the Nolting owners who entered quilts in the quilt competitions. You guys have outdone yourselves again. If you have entered a quilt you are a winner in our book.
Nolting owners continue to win ribbons in volume. I know at MQS alone Nolting owners won four first place ribbons let alone all the second and thirds. Again Congratulations!

Hello Friends,
Yes, it is true. We will be showing new sizes at the Spring 2009 shows. They will be proto-types of a larger Fun Quilter and a smaller PRO. We can take orders. We hope to begin to send the first of them to customers in July. Yes, we are always happy to work with you toward a trade. And Yes, we built these because you have been asking for them. We always listen to you and try very hard to give you what you want. I believe these two new machines will be very popular because you have been telling us you want and need them. Come see what's new at the Nolting booths at Quilt Shows near you. Thanks Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting.

Hello Friends, "Don't worry about the business outlook... be on the outlook for business." Nolting Longarm Quilting Machines are built to make you money. They are a fun toy and great hobby to be sure. But they are really a business tool. If you have one and need the extra income, get serious and quilt for customers. If you are thinking of getting one for business, now is a great time. Take control of your future with hard work and discipline. Longarm quilting has always been a good business if you run it like a business. And Nolting Longarm Quilters are the best value in the industry. Thanks, Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends, I wanted to remind you of a plan we have offered for a long time. We all know it as Layaway. This is an excellent alternative to credit cards or borrowing. The plan is to order a Nolting (new or used) and make payments to Nolting. When the balance is paid up, you can take delivery of the system. There is a small fee for the paper work. Most people do a minimum monthly investment and then add as much as they can extra to speed up the delivery date. It is easy and goes by quickly. Ask us about it if you are interested. Thanks, Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting

Hello Friends, We all have heard the scary sounding news about the economy. Bad things are happening to speculators, individuals and companies that attempted to make a profit by taking huge risks. I do not think that it will directly effect our industry. The quilting industry is built on fun, art, friends, continuos improvement, learning and growing. These fundamentals are not at risk. They will not vanish. We all work hard and do the right thing. That cannot be depreciated. Plus, the combined stash of all the quilters will probably carry the industry for at least 100 years. All kidding aside, hand guided machine quilting is growing. If you are already a part of it... keep up the good work. If you are not in... join us, there is plenty of room for you. Thanks, Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting.

Hello Friends, Our part of Iowa is experiencing major flooding. We appreiciate all of your thoughts and prayers. Nolting Mfg. and all its employees are safe and sound. We will feel the effects from the floods because some of our vendors and truck lines are in the flooded areas. We are commited to our customers and will continue to provide great products and service no matter what happens. Daniel Terrill and Team Nolting.

Hello Friends,
We have a new pre-wound bobbin to offer. It has a magnetic core that reduces back-lash and also help with bobbin tension. It is a 60 weight poly so it holds a lot of thread. They come in either L or M in 12 different colors. $6.95 for a real nice tube of bobbins. Check them out on our accessories page. Also for the people who will be using lots of these bobbins. Save the cores. The producer of the bobbins will probably buy the cores back in bulk.

Hello Friends, We have new things to consider. One is the Needle Advance for any non-stitch regulated longarm that uses a DC motor. This is a battery powered box that attaches to the motor wires. You tap or push the button and the needle advances. Let up when you want the needle to stop. It will be great for older machies and Hobby Quilters. You don't have to use the hand wheels as much. Introductory price is $80. Call us for more information.

Hello Friends, For anyone who wonders whether or not the Hobby Quilter compact longarm can quilt ribbon winning quilts... Both Patricia Pressler and Carie Shields took home ribbons for their quilts at Innovations. Carie Shields took home a blue ribbon for her wholecloth, and Patricia took 2nd place for her appliqued and trapunto quilt. Congratulations to all the winners. They all have so much skill and have practiced a lot. This shows that any Nolting machine can win ribbons at a national show. It really does depend on the skill and commitment of the operator.