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Quilting Bee Do you love machine quilting but are tired of fighting your "too small" domestic machine?

Have you always wanted a longarm quilting machine, but didn't have the room?

Are you afraid of ruining your expensive sewing machine on the workload of quilting?

Your calls have been answered...

The Quilting Bee...

The heavy-duty stationary longarm quilting machine.

Now you can quilt those big quilts on the compact and affordable longarm.

The Quilting Bee by Nolting Mfg., Inc. is the machine for you. The originators of the modern longarm quilting machines continue to provide you with the features you want and need, at the most competitive prices. Strong, durable, dependable, high quality, easy to maintain, easy to operate, easy to repair, and affordable are all trademarks of Nolting Mfg., Inc.

These are just a sample of the features the Quilting Bee offers the serious quilter:

  • The sewing head is mounted perpendicular to your shoulders. This feature allows you to sew continuously and freely.
  • We fabricate the sewing head from aluminum for super strength and a long life.
  • Sealed bearings on the drive shafts do not need lubrication, for a lifetime of smooth operation.
  • Four oil wicks to the moving parts of the head need only one drop of oil every eight hours of sewing.
  • The 1/6 horsepower, 90-volt DC, external brush motor is mounted inside the body of the machine.
  • The machine plugs into standard 110 volt AC wall outlet. No special wiring needed.
  • Our gear belt provides quiet, accurate power to the top shaft.
  • The hopping foot moves over seams and a variety of materials for quality stitches.
  • There are no feed dogs. You can sew in any direction. You move the quilt.
  • Over 15" deep and 8" inside height provide plenty of room to sew large quilts and sew the large designs.
  • The fluorescent light is placed for excellent visibility. A blacklight for use with glow powder or pencils for your unique designs can replace it.
  • The variable speed controller foot pedal is adjustable for just the right speed of operation.
  • With the 30" x 48" table top, you can maneuver a large quilt easily.
  • The rounded corners of the tabletop do not snag the material, for smooth sewing.
Quilting Bee package $4600

Nolting Mfg. Machines are built in our factory. When you call with technical questions, you can talk to the people who built your machine. All new Nolting machines come with a full 5 year warranty.

All Quilting Bees come with sewing head, table, bobbin winder, bobbins, needles, thread stand, and manuals. With that you will be ready to start right away.